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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Get Ready With Me: FUN. Concert Part 1

Hello lovelies, today I have a special post and by the title you can tell exactly what I'm going to talk about! So without further a do, let's get started. I went to the fun. concert a few weeks with my best friend, sister, and mom. It was general admission so we chose the best spot we could (which happened to be right behind the handicap area to the right side of the stage). Sure I would have preferred front and center but *shrugs* what can you do. Either way our spot was such a good spot! We had a full view of everything that was happening and no tall people in front (since I'm super short so no offense to anyone who is tall!). If you don't know who fun is here's a little background.

Fun. is made up of three band mates: Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff.
They all came from three different bands and joined forces to form one amazing, American indie pop band. They originated in New York and have been together since 2009 and have two albums out so far. I'm absolutely in love with Nate, and the fact that he was born in February (my month as well) makes him even more attractive. Ugh, plus his voice is just unbelievable. I adore every song on their most recent album, Some Nights.
Nate Ruess, the main singer for the band, was incredible. Everytime he would sing in front of our section my heart would swell a little more from the proximity. The fact that I could see his crystal clear green eyes was one of the highlights of my night!! (Yes I love him! I thought that was obvious haha!!)
Back to my post, I made two parts to my GRWM post because it was too long for just one video. (sorry!) So I hope you like this first part, it is about how I did my make-up, hair, and my outfit for the night. Next video will be up on Friday so stay tuned!!

Here is my outfits and my experience at the fun. concert.  



Freyas Fashion Chapter said...

Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog, I definitely recommend the stay matte powder :) x

TwentyThirty GLAM said...

We watched this video earlier today and loved it!!!

Anna Moore said...

great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
flw me and tell where u’ve followed me!

nunzia sofia said...

lovely post honey... ;))) great!
honey come to see my new post on my blog...about a blue vintage dress: here it is..


Liz Outh said...

You are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so happy that you go to be up close as much as you could and saw the entire concert so close! =D Did Nate get crazy and take his shirt off and you miraculously caught it?!?!?! HEHE! I'm being silly, don't mind me!

OMG, when I was watching your video, I was in awe at how beautiful your eyes and brows are!!! <3333

The Fashion Queen said...

omg you are too funny!!! I wish he had and if I wouldn't have caught that shirt I think I would just be crying some where off in a corner!!! (one of the only ppl I will fangirl over haha)
Im so happy you liked it and thank you so so so much!!!! <333
Im actually upset right now because I went to get them waxed and the lady did them way too thin for my taste!! I'm growing them out again (it's been a few weeks I believe so I hope they are better now)

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you!! Just followed! :)

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you will check it out and follow!

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you so much girlies!! I appreciate you girls commenting on both the video and the post :)))

The Fashion Queen said...

Aw no problem!! I will def be buying that soon!!

Gemma said...

Your eye makeup is gorgeous, I love your eyeliner! I love your brows... I have such brow envy :D xx

Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

Elle Sees said...

what a great look!!

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