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Monday, October 7, 2013

NOTW: Summer Time Memories

Hello my lovelies! So I've been bad and havent been following the fall trend of dark nails. I took a little break of it for a week and decided to go with a very happy and bright color. It's still in the red family so I feel like I can kind of get away with it, right? Well, don't worry I'll be back to show you girls my fall polishes by next week! I'm thinking of buying one with lots of sparkles! 

This color is called Watermelon by Essie, which is a pinkish-reddish kind of shade. Love the color which reminds me of watermelons and summer time. Oh how I long for it to be summer again! 
What were your fondest summer memories?? Mine was probably our family trip to the beach where we stayed at a hotel and enjoyed the fourth of July weekend. 

Nail Polish:
Watermelon by Essie


sandy sandhu said...

nice color
following you on GFC

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you so much!! I followed you :)

Diana Horsfall said...

nice color

Liliana Ayala said...

I love this color, I wore it so much this past summer! Ahhh, a beach sounds so relaxing. I really didn't do much this summer, my husband works a lot.

Lily | -- I thought I was already following you, I get so lost in all of the social media, but now I'm following you!

LOLA FINN said...

Great colour :)
thank you so much for your nice compliment, dear :)

Lucie Srbová said...

I really love that pretty!

Style Without Limits

Kat said...

love your nails! so pretty! :D

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