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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Evening Make-Up! 2013

Hello loves, can you believe we're already in November? I know, pretty insane how this year has just completely flown by. And even though we're almost in the winter season I want to show you guys my fall inspired make-up look for the evening. Now, you might be asking yourself, "this is fairly light for the evening." Well, yes and no. Yes because I decided to go for a lighter eye and lip considering I did a soft brown smokey eye with a nude lip. But no because I used false lashes in this look. I consider false lashes to be a feature of an evening look. Of course, you are not obligated to wear false lashes (I am not one to wear them often either). But for this look I thought, "what the heck, let's try this out!"  
My sister got me some semi-natural lashes that are full yet not dense. They look so real once you put them on as they are not extremely long and they aren't super thick or dense which is something I love about them. I'm not a fan of the false lashes that literally look like false lashes. My eyes are already very big and adding lashes like that makes me feel like they are even bigger in a scary, creepy doll way. 
   I think I will be using (and reviewing) a lot more lashes from now on as after doing this make up look I'm very much intrigued by them. It is quite an expense I must say as the lashes and the glue cost about five bucks each. We will see! For now I hope you guys enjoy my first ever make-up tutorial. Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated! Have a great rest of the week lovelies!


xoxo :*
 Products used:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Normal/Dry Skin #220
Revlon Photoready Powder #20 light/medium
Matte Bronzer MAC
Warm Soul Blush MAC

Eyeshadow Primer Urban Decay
Mystery Eyeshadow MAC
Naked Lunch MAC
Nars Liquid Concealer #1

Twig Lipstick MAC
Pure Zen MAC

Sonia Kashuk duo fibre #115
Revlon Blush Brush
I on Beauty Blusher brush
Mac Blending Brush
Mac Flat Eyeshadow Brush


Ashley Nicole said...

Your eyebrows are to die for!! Love the look xo

Liliana Ayala said...

You are gorgeous love!! I love this look on you, so pretty!!

Emma Johansson said...

This is a really pretty look! I would wear this and I love the look of the lashes too :) xx

Liz Outh said...

You're gorgeous and I'm absolutely loving this look for you! I can never tell you enough how gorgeous you are! (Can you tell by now??? lol) How do you like youor SK duo fibre brush love?!?!?! Review? =D Love you!!! XOXO

The Fashion Queen said...

You def spoil me too much!! haha!! Love you so much and I get so happy reading your comments :))))
Thank you so much girlie!!
I'm still trying it out with a few different products but I will def do a review soon! <3333

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you! :) If you ever try it tag me in a pic!

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you sweetie!! :D

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you love!! <333

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