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Monday, November 11, 2013

NOTW: After School Boy Blazer

It's Monday! And I'm excited for today because there's no school for me!!! I haven't had a day off of school since (maybe two months. I get crazy when school starts so yes I'm very happy!)
Today I'm showing you guys my nails of the week again! I don't even know if you guys like to see these or find them helpful. Do you mind letting me know in the comments below? I would appreciate it so much and that way I can make better posts that you guys are more interested in reading. 
So last week I should you guys my very festive red mani with a bit of glitter. 
This week I've a dark navy blue on my nails, so very fall time appropriate. This color can even transition to winter time (though it came out for Essie's fall collection.)
Any who, I thought this was such a gorgeous color! It's one of my favorites out of the whole fall collection. For some reason Essie has played it down this year with the fall and winter collections and I'm pretty upset about it. I love color and I don't want to give it up just because the weather changes. 
Who makes up these rules anyway!
Well, to give you guys some inspiration on how to dress up your polish if it's way to plain for you I've added some of my favorite inspirational nail pictures for you guys at the bottom. 
Hope you like it!
Have a happy Monday!

Here are some inspirational nail art pictures from other bloggers!


Liz Outh said...

Darling! I absolutely LOVE your manicure! I vote for YES please keep showing us your NOTD because I love to get manicure inspirations from my friends! I agree with you on how Essie played down their collections this year. We WANT color!!!! Isn't that the whole point of nail polishes??? Lol! I love it and thank you for sharing with us what inspired you =) Love you! XOXO

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I always do enjoy seeing what nail polish color you are wearing! I think you should keep it up, I find it very fun!

Sandra (More Style Than Fashion) said...

Looks good! By the way.. love the shoes ;)

Chelsea LeBlanc said...

I know this isn't related to the post but I love your shoes! That nail color is really pretty too.

The Fashion Queen said...

Haha that's alright love! Thank you :))

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you!!

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you so much :)

The Fashion Queen said...

Okay girlie :)) Will keep doing them and thank you so much!!

cozyup rubywoo said...

Hi chick, loving your blog, can you give me a follow back

Liliana Ayala said...

Yes! Keep doing them! I love them andddd I LOVE your shoes!!!

xo, Lily

Beauty4Free2U said...

So beautiful nails! And yes the shoes are great too!!! XOXO, Sissi

The Fashion Queen said...

Already do :) Thanks!

The Fashion Queen said...

haha okay I will!! And thank youuu!! :)

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you!! :D

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