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Monday, November 4, 2013

NOTW: Leading Lady

Hello beauties and hello November! (Four days late I know but I totally forgot to talk about it last week!) I am getting so into this month. I got a few new pieces for my room... (I'll post about it soon!) I also have got a winter clothing haul coming soon! But today I will be showing you guys what has been on my nails this past week! If you saw my OOTD video on Friday then you got a sneak peak. The main color on my nails is called Twin Sweater Set by Essie and is in their fall collection. I used Leading Lady, which is a gorgeous red glitter polish, for my ring and middle finger. 
Below you will find two pictures of my polish (one with flash and one without) as they seem quite different in these two pictures. I think I will be wearing a lot more glitters these next few weeks! They are so fun and give your nails more pizazz! 
One thing I did want to mention is I used a base coat for the first time ever! Next week I will let you know how I liked it and if it was any good. Red polishes always give me a hard time when I have to take them off so I'm excited to see if the base coat helps.

What colors are you loving for November?


Nail Polishes:
Twin Sweater Set by Essie
Leading Lady by Essie
First Base Base Coat by Essie

No Flash

With Flash

Here are the products I used:


Liz Outh said...

I absolutely LOVE your nails! They are so pretty!!! Essie polishes never ever disappoint! I just visited your channel and commented on your OOTD video (11/1). I realized I never merged my original youtube account to my Google so you'll see me as OitzLizz on there lol. Great post my love! xoxo

TwentyThirty GLAM said...

Loved you ootd video!!! Ad love this post! Beautiful colors!

Holly said...

Amazing colours! xx

Heather said...

Pretty shades x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you :)

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you!

The Fashion Queen said...

Aw thank you girlie! :))

The Fashion Queen said...

Love essie nail polishes!! (especially since I go to a discounted shop to buy them hehe) I saw your comment!! Thank you so much love!! :)


beautiful colors :)

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