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Friday, November 22, 2013

Product Review: Clump Crusher Mascara

Hello my beauties! Today I have a special post to share with you guys. I am reviewing the much talked about mascara! Now for some reason everytime I do a video reviewing something I change my mind by the time I write the post. It's because I use it more often once I have done the video. Not my fault! I'm a little confused with what I'm doing in the video as I'm pretty much doing two things in one: 1. reviewing the product and 2. my first impression. I don't think that makes sense so this will be the last time I do a product review without trying out the product for more than a day. Sorry loves!
Well, back to my review. After filming I started using it more and more. I find that it doesn't give me the desired volume I want or the length I want either. It's an alright mascara and it doesn't give you clumps. But I still use my full n' soft mascara to give my lashes more length and volume. I want to find a mascara that doesn't need the help of two or three others. I want one that's perfect. 
So the search for the perfect mascara goes on! 
Soon I will be reviewing the lash potion mascara!
 (and yes this time I will have tried it out more than once! lol)

Let me know what you think of this product!


Alexandra Zakharova said...

I have never tried that mascara, but I've got to say your eyelashes look quite well with it, so long and beautiful! It worth trying:) By the way, that video is super great, you look lovely and I must say your room looks pretty':))
Have a fabulous time!

The Fashion Queen said...

Thank you :))

Liliana Ayala said...

I have this mascara but I only use it for my bottom lashes...crazy I know! Hehe! I am obsessed with the L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black mascara...seriously my holy grail mascara. It's a bit more wet, so I open it and don't use it for about a week so it can dry up some. Check it out!


The Fashion Queen said...

lol!! I did that today XD I've never tried the L'Oreal one but now it's on my list!! (my makeup "to-buy" list is getting longer everyday haha!)
Thank you so much for your comment :)

Liz Outh said...

Thank you for sharing this with us love! You have beautiful lashes and any mascara just enhances your lashes and makes them that much more beautiful! I have this mascara but haven't opened it yet, I really want to now but am trying to stay good at using 1 or 2 mascaras tops in my routine hehe.

I'll definitely come back and let you know how I like it once I've tried it. Thank you sweetie for your thoughts on this! Gives me a good heads up on what to expect =) Have an amazing weekend! XOXO

Kate said...

Great post !Would you like to follow each other?

Ashley Maria said...

I love the clump crusher, but you're right, it doesn't give me the exact volume that I'm looking for. It keeps the lashes from clumping and gives some length, but it's definitely not my holy grail. The Big Eyes mascara has to be my go-to right now. It gives me the perfect lashes everytime! :)

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