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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The AMAs and Samsung!

Hello beauties! If you watched the AMAs this past Sunday night tell me if you noticed this new trend. The AMAs teamed up with Samsung so the presenters could present the winner for any particular award through the new Galaxy Note 3! It's amazing how society has grown with technology. You see it more and more everyday as people and companies incorporate it to their daily lives! This is a major step for Samsung as they are big rivals of Apple. This is the second year that they have teamed up with the AMA producers increasing their sales incredibly! But even though the Galaxy Note 3 is just as great as the iPhone and even has some really cool features (like its extra gear that even includes a watch!) it's more like a mini tablet instead of a phone. How does that thing fit in your pocket? 
I do have to admit they've got some really cool covers for them. You can choose between a wide variety of colors as well as hard or leather covers. There's flip styles and just back covers as well. Here are some:

I know what you may be thinking! What does this have to do with fashion or beauty?
Maybe nothing but maybe it does. Everyone is always looking for the next big thing. What's cool, what's not. Here I'm showing you that Samsung doesn't want to get left behind. We all know Apple has a massive hold over celebrities, business men/women, bloggers, ect. For Samsung to come and set their territory at the AMAs (an award show viewed by millions on replay) it is a big step. What I recommend to them? Make it easier to hold with one hand and get companies that make cuter or cooler covers. For now, it's extremely hard to find cute covers for us girls. All the ones I could find are pretty basic and manly. It's not appealing to me and probably won't be to my fellow ladies. 
Hope this post shows just how serious Samsung is getting. Will you be trading off your Iphone for the Galaxy note 3? Let me know!


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