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Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter Haul!

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have a great video for you guys. It's my first fashion haul video on my new channel. Now, I know that I'm ranting a bit about Forever 21 in this vid... but can you blame me!! I just spent hard, earned money on items I can't return. The frustration is real! lol
But, I love the other items I got so it makes up for it (a bit). 
This haul is winter oriented as we are already in the colder months. Now, Miami doesn't get cold, true lol, but I do visit New York a lot and it's always good to have a few thick knits for unexpected cold fronts. Which, by the way, it has been pretty chilly these past two weeks! I hope it stays like that for the rest of December! I hope you guys like the vid and let me know what your favorite Winter accessory or trend is in the comments below! 
Any video requests are always welcome! 


L S L said...

I like the stuff you got. Sorry about your forever 21 experience! I hate their return policy :(

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