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Monday, January 20, 2014

Best Dressed at the SAG Awards Red Carpet 2014!

Hello my loves! So last night wat the Screen Actors Guild Award show! If you guys didn't watch it then here are my favorite gowns from the red carpet and one of my not so favorite. 
To be honest I expected more from this award show. Well, I expect every award show to jaw-dropping with a line of gorgeous gowns and celebrities walking down the red carpet. But as I watched the show go on I was a bit disappointed with the dress choices. In the entire bunch of beautiful celebrites there were only a few (four this time) that I liked the best. Here we go:

Rita Wilson
How amazing does she look in this floor length, silver sequin gown! I love the black stripe on the side which makes it very modern and doesn't let the sequins swallow her up!
I love how it is a simple cut but very elegant at the same time.
I've read that a lot of people began to compare it with the gown Sofia Vergara wore but if you keep reading you'll see how different these two are.

Sofia Vergara
Here she is wearing a sexy, strapless silver sequin dress. The neckline is almost in a sweetheart shape with a plunging backline. I think this dress is so fun and it fits her perfectly! I love the way she accentuates her perfect assets. I think her blonde hair gives this a youthful touch as well! She looks good with both but I think the blonde suits her better. Thoughts?

Jennifer Lawrence
J. Law has begun to grow on me and I have no idea why! Other than the fact that she is an amazing actress, has always worn flawless gowns (that I have adored everytime she walks down the red carpet), but she's also very real (some times a bit rude and obnoxious but that makes her a real person. At least she doesn't pretend to be a goody-goody and she's def not snooty).
I love this simple black, sequin strapless dress. In the light you can see the different sparkles of color that seem to glimmer off her dress. This def reminds me of a black glitter polish with multi-colored glitter. This dress shows us all something though, J. Law IS NOT FAT!!!! I hate that the media and Hollywood think she's fat and go to great lengths to get her to look like a model. She is perfect and beautiful. I can't wait to watch American Hustle because of her.

Hannah Simone
Okay, I admit, I don't exactly know who Hannah is but I am obsessed with her dress. I think white was seen repeatedly on the red carpet last night but Hannah wore something dofferent than anyone else. It was flowly and girly and so delicate. I absolutely loved it.

Natalie Dormer
Um, What the heck was she thinking? She shaved half her hair off and to be honest it doesn't suit her. I love her with her dark hair (I think this blonde is too light for her kind of face. Thoughts?). I have a thing for dark hair and light eyes, don't ask why! haha. Either way the dress wasn't that pretty. Okay the dress with out those arm things was fine. But the entire outfit together kind of threw me off. 


Liliana Ayala said...

Sofia Vergara did it again! She looked gorgeous! I also really liked Amy Adams looked stunning on her!

Makaela said...

Did you see Lucy Hale's dress? I think it was at this event, but it was stunning as well. Also the half-shaved look on Natalie Dormer...yea you're totally right. It doesn't suit her at all, but hey at least she had the guts to do something daring!

Liz Outh said...

I miss the awards sadly but enjoy readings blog posts about the fashion and the beautiful stars! Thanks love for sharing! xoxo

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