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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NOTW: Alpine White & Cherry Fashion Rings

Hello beauties! Today I wont be posting a video since I still need to finish editing before uploading. I'm really sorry about that. But I have a nail post for you guys. I am so obsessed with this color it's not even funny. Last week I wore Alpine Snow by OPI on my nails.  It is a gorgeous, crisp white shade that literally resembles snow. You all know I am an Essie fan for life but I sometimes venture out and try different brands. So I wanted to give this polish a go and it truly blew my mind. It's amazing the opaqueness of this color. It lasted such a long time without any chips! (Unfortunetly I some how got pen marks on my nails by the end of the week. How'd that happen? I have no idea lol). 
But, I thought this was a perfect color for December and wanted to show you guys how they look. (I told you white nail polish would be on my winter essentials list. Watch the video here).

Now let's talk about these gorgeous midi-rings! White and gold = Perfection! Even more so that the gold rings are midi-rings. My friend Nia, from Style Of Colours, was asking for some bloggers to review her new jewelry line: Cherry Fashion. (Def go check out her online shop! It is amazing and her jewelry is so chic!) She offered to let me review three of the midi-rings of my choice. Two are being featured here today. The ones I'm wearing are the chevron midi-rings!! I am in love with them! The gold color is amazing and the size is perfect! Though it is adjustable. I am completly impressed with the quality of these rings. I am also so very, very thankful to Nia for being so patient with me as the first package she sent out got lost! But thankfully the second one arrived safely. 
Thank you so much Nia! I love my new midi-rings!

Shop This Polish:

My little rings arrived in a cute little box of their own. Thank you again!


Veronica VeroSays said...

How adorable..! I have friends who love the new mid size rings..! I've been meaning to give them a try..! Thanks so much for this post..! I love nail polish!! :)


Cachoo Joo said...

!! For some reason I totally forgot about my white nail polish...! Thanks for reminding me! Haha also I really like OPI too - I only have one Essie (Bikini So Teeny) and it's amazing!

Ivy Burridge said...

I've never owned a white nail polish but I always love how it looks on other people! It's so fresh and pretty :) Your rings are adorable too!

Ivy xx
Style Life Lovely

The Fashion Queen said...

So happy you liked it!! :) I love midi rings and white nails especially for the winter time.

The Fashion Queen said...

No problem!! So happy I could help :) I have Bikini so Teeny!! Love it too :) Mint Candy Apple is one of my faves! Look into it :)

The Fashion Queen said...

Love white but its hard to maintain. Thanks so much for your comment!! :)

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