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Monday, January 27, 2014


Okay, Okay, Okay, this has to be hands down my favorite award show EVER! Not only is it because the house is filled with hundreds of amazing artists but because my favorite artists performed!! 
Fun. (or technically Nate Ruess) performed side-by-side with Pink and man, oh man, were they perfection! I am counting down the days when fun. has another concert tour!
He looked amazing in a burgundy suit, leather shoes, and his recently grown mustache! Never thought I'd say that but can we just stop for one second and appreciate the glory of this human being. Yes, take one moment to gaze upon holiness. 

Pink was gorgeous performing in a beautiful, floor-length gown, and the front bust area was black lace over a beige top. Technically it's a jumpsuit with a long skirt but shhh. I kinda liked her black streak which made the performance darker and more emotional. Her performances are always so raw and beautiful. I love that she doesn't dance but does very modern/contemp pieces.
Even incorporates ribbons!

Lorde, why must you be so beautifully awkward! Was it just me? To be honest, I don't even care. That girl can sing, she's amazing, she has style, and there's something else about her. No one is like her and thank God for that! I absolutely love all her songs! If she comes to concert count me in!
She wore this amazing, and let me say that again, amazing leather gown that was just glorious on her. 
She's 17? What! I wish I had that style when I was 17. 

Ariana Grande, okay I will admit I loved her girly dress. Thankfully it wasn't pink or white (which is what she usually wears) but still very cute and pretty. I loved the pattern. I just wish she had different hairstyles. Come on girl you'll look beautiful in an intricate updo!

Beyonce, all hail Queen B! She looked gorgeous in every outfit she put on. My favorite would have to be the first one she wore which was a white lace gown and a low back. She looked gorgeous and golden in that dress. Her short hair makes her look so cute and beautiful! I loved her performance! Thought she looked amazing and sounded amazing! 


Natalie Y said...

Ahh Nate and P!nk singing together are just perfection. I got to see P!nk at her concert last year and she was amazing! I loved T Swift and Katy Perry's dresses also :)
Yours Truly, NY

Love From Simmie said...

It looked like such a good night!
Beyonce looked flawless as usual <3

Have you seen my fabulous Firmoo glasses?
Check them out at

Stay gorgeous doll! XOXO

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