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Monday, January 13, 2014

Trends of The Golden Globes

Hello loves! Did you guys see the Golden Globes last night? What an amazing show! I love seeing my favorite actors/actresses and movies/shows winning awards for being the most amazing throughout the year. But the main thing I love to watch is the Red Carpet! The beautiful ladies in their one-of-a-kind gowns! I adore it! Here are a few trends I spotted while watching the preshow. 
In my Fall Trend and Winter Trend posts I mentioned how certain trends would pop up during this time of year. Now you cannot doubt it any longer. Here are the trends that walked the Red Carpet.

All White: This is so trendy right now to sport everything white. It is such a classic and heavenly shade. I love how all of the white dresses are very airy and crisp. None seem too heavy. Instead they all are very soft and pleasant. Here we have Rocsi Diaz, Paula Patton, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence.

(Emerald was seen on more than one beauty that night including Margot Robbie's shoes and gown details as well as Jennifer Lawrence's earrings.)

All Black: Okay, black is perfect all year around. These ladies were on point when they walked down the Red Carpet in sultry black gowns. Each one had a different shape, style, and detail. I love how designers pay so much attention to detail! Here we have Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, Leslie Mann, Sofia Vergara, and Lily Rabe. 

Baby Boomers: Okay, not officially a trend but come on! There was a pattern here. Last night we had three beauties strut down the Red Carpet showing off their baby bumps. Aren't they adorable! It's incredible how they worked the carpet. Featured here is: Olivia Wilde, Drew Barrymore, and Kerry Washington.

All Red: This is a hard color to pull off when walking the Red Carpet. Some stylists prefer to stay away from this hue since it could do some serious damage. But no worries here! These ladies pulled it off flawlessly. Some how instead of being swallowed up by the Red Carpet they stood out from it! 
We have here: Amy Adams, Lupita Nyong'o, Taylor Swift, and Emma Watson (by far my favorite. So unexpected to have a pair of trousers on but I adore the extreme low back of this half dress).

I take no credit for the photos or their edits. 


Liliana Ayala said...

Emma Watson, Kate Beckinsale, Sofia Vergara, and Leslie Mann were hands down my favorite looks of the night. I also really liked Tina Fey's opening gown, it fit her like a glove, so pretty! <3

Veronica VeroSays said...

Wow, forget google, you covered it! Love the all white look with he red carpet.

Elle Sees said...

love the red lupita wore.

Heather Nixon said...

I love the all white dresses x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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