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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

4 Easy + Fun Summer Hair Ideas!

Hello beautifuls! Today I want to show you guys some of my favorite ways to style my hair. My hair is about 5-6 inches below my shoulders so I consider it to be medium to long hair. Today I'll show you four easy and cute ways to style your hair. I hope you guys like it!

1. Messy Side Braid (regular 3-strand braid)
Pull hair to one side of the face. Begin to braid hair (fishtail, figure eight, 3/4/5 strand braids ect). 
Loosely pull braid until desired messiness is achieved. 

2. Faux Bob
Part hair into two sections and clip or pin ends of hair into roots. Do the same for the other side. 
And don't forget the hairspray!


3. Low Pony Tail
Pull hair into the base of the neck and tie with elastic. This can be achieve with a slick back/wet hair look or a messy pony. Take a small strand of the pony tail and wrap around the elastic.

4. Faux Crown Braid 
Take your bangs (or side hair) and begin to twist into rest of hair. Pin or clip at desired area.


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