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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

GRWM: 30 Seconds to Mars Concert! Makeup + Hair

hey guys! I just wanted to update the blog and add one of my new videos! Now I will finally be able to talk about my experience at my first 30 Seconds To Mars concert!! Ahhh!! I am kinda bummed that I didn't film a clip of me talking about the concert and usually I do. I guess because that same night my mom and I drove up to meet my dad and sister at our vacation spot since we were going on vacation that same week. I must have gotten very flustered with how much I needed to do. I had just finished my last semester in college and was so busy transfering to my new University (more on that later) that filming an intro completly slipped my mind. Bare with me then! 
So I purchased VIP passes through a company called Adventures in Wonderland. Originally I believed that I was only going to have my picture taken, get a T shirt, and 30 STM would do a Questions and Answers portion. To my surprise we also got autographs, and stickers as well as fans with their heads on them (I only was able to get a Tomo head since the rest were completly gone when I finally found the booth! But that's alright, I love them all equally).
The experience was incredible! The three of them showed up and answered questions for almost twenty minutes. Then everyone got in line to get autographs (only 1 per person unfortunately which I think is silly. I had brought my cd cover anyway because you never know.) When I stood in front of them, everything was pretty much a blur. I introduced myself and They said hello. Shannon was so adorable telling me that his name was Shannon. I laughed and said, "Well, yes, of course I know that." As if he wasn't a rockstar haha! 
The three of them are super down to earth, funny, and sweet. BTW Jared's eyes are real people! They are so clear and blue! But don't worry Shannon I love your eyes as well! I love all three of you! 
Tell Tomo that he needs to take off his sunglasses next time. 
After when everyone got their autographs we all got in line to take our professional picture. It was such a dream to be able to touch them! There are many regrets like why I didn't ask for a hug or a selfie! Why Claudia! Why! 
I only hope that there is a next time so that I can try again and hopefully my best friend can come with me!. 
After they left and I waited for the concert to start. They are so incredbly talented. The performance was amazing, the vocals were on point (despite Jared saying he hadn't sung in weeks and this would be the first time. It was also the first stop on the tour so what an amazing thing to open the tour with us here in FL!)
Over all the experience was amazing and wonderful and I can't wait to do it again.
Here I will show you my hair and makeup for the concert but next week I will show you my outfit and all the outfits I wore on my vacation. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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Painterly- MAC Paint Pot
Rimmel True Match Concealer- Fair
Fit Me Concealer Maybelline- Light #10 
Blackberry - MAC Eyeshadow
Phloof- MAC Eyeshadow
NYC High Definition Liquid Eye Liner - Black
Maybelline Full N'Soft Mascara

Red Ballon- MAC Lipstick (not featured! I completely forgot to put this in or even film it! I had no idea what I was going to do and brought three different lipsticks with me. But chose a pink-red lippie!)

Nars Bronzer- Casino
The Balm- Mary-Lou minizer

Andi 1 inch Iron
Tressemme Heat Therapy 
Tressemme Hair Spray 

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