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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sister Series: Sister Tag!

Hey everyone! Okay, I'm a bit late updating the blog, but I have a good reason! When I was uploading these videos I was in complete "relaxation-mode" and could not find the will-power to get up and write a post. It's already enough work trying to film, edit, and upload the videos! Hope you guys can forgive me! 
But to update everyone a bit, I have recently started a new year in a new University! This past summer I finished my Associates Degree in English and decided to transfer to a new school to finish my Bachelor in English. Finally I can simply concentrate on my English courses instead of doing all those other undergrad requierements. If anyone wants to hear an indepth story of my experiences then please let me know! I think I want to start a college series on my channel to help out anyone going to college/uni. 
So I started classes again August 26 and it has been pretty crazy since I have classes from 8 AM - 3:15 PM, but by the time I get home it's 4:20 PM. I am so not use to this at all! But I'll deal for the next few months. I'm already thinking about next semester's schedule and how I should organize myself. Oh the struggle. lol. 
There is also the fact that I have to pencil in time to film, edit, upload, AND blog. But I never feel up to it after a long day of school. So the weekends are the only times I can do it. (After I finish all my homework).
But I shall not complain! I really like all my classes! (Want more details? Let me know in the comments below!)
Okay! So today I am bringing to you another video in the Sister Series! It is the Sister Tag! It was so much fun doing this and spending an hour going through the questions, laughing, and joking with my sis. I really hope you guys like it and take a peek into what we are truly like in our natural state haha. 
If you'd like to see more Sister videos or have ideas/requests, PLEASE leave them down below or on my video because I would totally appreciate it! :D


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