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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GRWM: First Day Of School '14

Hey everyone! Today I am updating you guys with my Get Ready With Me video where I show you guys what I wore on my First Day of School. But before I do I just want to mention how it went. 
If you guys keep up with my twitter rants then you'll know that I have recently graduated from my college with an Associate's degree in English. I finished in the summer and transfered into my public state university for the fall semester. To be honest it was a very crazy (almost tramatic) experience and I'll tell you why.
I have always been a very shy, introvert kind of person. I keep to my self all the time and don't like change, at all. I was use to going to school just two minutes from where I live. I was use to going to classes with my sister and only having classes in the mornings or afternoons. It was a very chill two years for me. It was a nice transition from being homeschooled to actually going to school. 
But that school (my community college) was nothing compared to my state university. It has ten times more students, a bigger campus, and more difficult classes. Instead of driving only two minutes I now drive twenty-five minutes to get there and another twenty-five to come back, for two days a week. That's 100 minutes or an hour and ten minutes a week. Incredible jump from the ten to fifteen minutes I would spend in a week driving to my community college. 
Maybe this isn't so drastic for other people, but for me it was. Especially since I have anxiety driving. Add on my social anxiety and it is a party twice a week. The rest of the week I'm busy worrying about school and doing homework. Most of the homework I don't even finish (it's mostly reading literature and books, but since I have three english classes it's hard to read everything before the day of. I usually have an hour break and take advantage to catch up on the pages assigned).

But it's not all bad. I love the classes I'm taking which are Medieval Literature, English Grammar, and Shakespeare Histories. All of my professors are extremely nice and understanding. They are available to speak to you and help you understand the material. All three are challenging classes and push you to break away from your comfort zone as a writer and as a being.

So now that I have gone off on my tangent I hope you guys understand me a little bit more throughout the next two years of my life at my new school. Soon it won't be my "new" school haha.
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Hope you enjoy my video and acquire ideas for a makeup look or outfit for school.

Painterly Paint pot (eye primer) by Mac
Full N' Soft Maybelline Mascara waterproof

Cetaphil Moisturizer with SPF 15
Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline in the shade Fair
True Match Concealer by Rimmel in the shade Light
Beauty Blender
Bare Minerals Translucent Powder
Nars Casino Bronzer

Red Ballon by Mac

Tressemme Heat Protector 
Tressemme Hair Serum
1 inch Iron 
Tressemme Hair Spray
Top: Zara
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Necklace: Tiffany's & Co.
Nail Polish: by Essie

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