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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Marshmallow Challenge!

Hey everyone! How has your week been? I love Wednesdays, it's the middle of the week and you're so much closer to Friday. After today it feels like the days fly by. School has been pretty crazy. I have midterms tomorrow and I can't explain how stressed I am (well, anyone that has been to college knows). But we all must do what we must to get ahead in life. For me that is school. 
But earlier this week I was able to take some time off and film this super fun video with my sister! I had been dying to do another Sister Series video and make it extra fun! So I searched on the internet a bit and decided that I would do a "How Well Do We Know Each other" challenge mixed with a "Chubby Bunny" challenge. For every wrong answer we would have to stuff a marshmallow in our mouths and keep it there. The laughs and unexpected occurences are perfect. Haha! 
I hope you guys like this video and find it just as entertaining and fun. 

BTW If you have yet to enter my MAC Lipstick Giveaway go ahead an enter now! It will be up till October 17, 2014 (this friday!) And I will announce the winner in my next video! Good Luck!

What I'm Wearing: 
Top: TJ Maxx
Jeans: Levis 
Necklace: H&M
Nails: Eurso Euro by OPI
Lipstick: Blankety by MAC

What Teresa Is Wearing:
Top: Cotton On
Kimono: Wetseal
Jeans: Levis
Nails: Dress to Kilt by Essie

Questions Asked:
Favorite Color?
Dream Job?
Shoe Size?
Favorite Music Artist?
Favorite Actor?
Favorite Movie?
Biggest Fears?
Favorite Superhero?
Favorite Childhood TV Show?
Favorite Song?
Favorite Thing To Do?
Favorite TV Show Now?


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